The Dr. John Wynn Show – Dr. John Wynn

Born and reared in Reno, Nevada, Dr. John Wynn is a successful entrepreneur who is the only son of 9 siblings born to the Late Rev. Willie J. Wynn and Rochelle Wynn. He and his wife Edith married in 1991 and began their journey in business and ministry. They have 8 talented children; 4 boys and 4 girls who all work in ministry, education, and business alongside their parents.

Dr. Wynn is a Consultant who has over 20 years of experience in education; working with teachers, students, parents and community stakeholders to help students graduate. Dr. Wynn has experience in managing businesses and bringing together diverse community groups to solve complex problems. He served on various boards and spearheaded community boards that were designed to enhance communities and bring change to the areas that need it most. 

Dr. Wynn is the founder of Youth Empowered to Succeed also known as the Y.E.S. Program, The A.C.T. Now Program which stands for Apply Critical Thinking Now as well as many other programs that have assisted people in understanding the greatness within and achieving their dreams. The Y.E.S. Program is a youth leadership program for middle and high school students and has been offered through the Washoe County School District since 2011. The Y.E.S. Program teaches students how to remove the mental roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their academic goals. He has also taught parents of the students in Washoe County School District through Parent University. He currently offers The A.C.T. Now Program in the Washoe County Sheriff’s Detention Center in Northern Nevada in addition to Personal Development Coaching for leaders throughout the United States. Today, he is a rising, stellar community leader who has received countless support from city officials, politicians and community activists. As an accomplished author and musician, he has produced three inspirational music CD’s and written two noteworthy books that are sold on all major retail platforms. He continues to speak across the world, effectively transcending racial and cultural barriers. His appearances on international television and national radio for nearly two decades are unparalleled.

Bishop John Wynn is the Chief Apostle and Presiding Bishop of I.C.F. (International Church Fellowship, Inc.)  I.C.F. is a cooperative fellowship with churches in various parts of the United States as well as 10 churches in India.  His international television ministry on DIRECTV’s Word Network reached millions of homes in 144 countries.  When Bishop Wynn began traveling internationally, his first invitation came from Apostle Leon Wallace of Nassua, Bahamas, since then Bishop frequently speaks for Apostle Wallace as well as several other international organizations. He enjoys encouraging people through the word and giving them the spiritual tools they need to survive.  He believes the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God and believes that God has given him a charge to pray, preach and prophesy.  His apostolic mandate is “Developing Lives, Empowering Communities and Expanding Ministry.”With his foundation rooted in the infallible Word of God, he endeavors to see changes in the lives of individuals, families, and ministries around the world.  Bishop Wynn continues to set the standard for excellence in ministry, and is truly making a mark in the lives of thousands that cannot be erased!